Pictures of the week
Kukiat's Gardens
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Hana-Emi plumeria - One of Kukiat's chimera plumerias.  
Note: Hana means "flower" in Japanese while Emi means "smile"
Silk Road Spice - a very compact plumeria with strong scents of
cinnamon and nutmeg
Dreamsicle -  a semi-dwarf plumeria
Vajrayana Maroon plumeria -- Maroon coloured flowers with black center.  Maroon is the
traditional color of robes worn by Vajrayana Buddhist monks in Tibet. One of Kukiat's seedlings.
Carmine Glow plumeria -- as its name implies, it glows and outshines all other plumerias in
the garden. One of Kukiat's seedlings.
Black Magic plumeria -- one of Kukiat's dark red seedlings.
Black Magic plumeria (newly open) -- One of Kukiat's dark red seedlings.
Purple Serendipity plumeria -- The purple flower is so large in size (4.5 in.). It is
almost as large as that of its parentage (Charlotte Ebert).  A Kukiat's seedling