Chompoo Paan Plumeria
Plumerias  on several acres growing
in the garden have been acquired from
plumeria lovers and collectors around the
world, especially from the U.S., Australia
and Thailand for collection and
hybridization purposes.  Thousands of
plumeria seedlings from selected cultivars
are also planted in the garden each year.

In Thailand, plumeria grows and blooms
almost year round.  As the weather begins
to cool in late November, most plumerias
slip into a dormancy period which is around
A part of Plumeria collection in Patumthani, Thailand
Kukiat's Gardens
December and January.  It is normal for leaves to drop at this time while the plant
rests.  As the temperature warms up in February, the new growing cycle begins with
emerging new leaves and inflorescences.  In my garden, plumerias are normally in
full bloom from late March to early May as the fragrance fills the air day and night.

Pictures of named plumerias and some interesting seedlings originated in the garden can be viewed in the
picture galleries using "Plumeria Galleries" tab above.
Kukiat's Plumeria Grove--March/April, 2011
A section of Kukiat's Plumeria collection
Lava Flow plumeria -- April, 2009
Kukiat's Plumeria garden -- January, 2008
Kukiat's Plumeria garden -- March, 2008
Kukiat's Plumeria garden -- April, 2008
Veracruz Rose plumeria -- March, 2008
Mary Helen Eggenberger plumeria-- April, 2009
Bill Moragne plumeria -- April, 2010
San Germain plumeria-- May, 2013
Tropical Aurora plumeria-- March, 2013
Chompoo Paan plumeria-- March, 2014
Pink San Germain plumeria-- March, 2014