I am a horticulturist by training and a
tropical plant enthusiast who has searched
for, collected, and grown tropical
flowering trees from all over the world for
a number of years.  Agriculture has  
always been a part of my life since I was
born into and raised in the family who has
owned tropical fruit orchards for several

Cassia is one of my favorite flowering
trees.  A number of species/hybrids of
Cassia trees from various parts of the
world are grown in the garden.  Some
other favorite trees in my collection are
Plumerias, Magnolias, Mitrephoras, and,
of course, Amherstia, which is considered
by many to be one of the most beautiful
flowering trees in the world.
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The splendid Amherstia nobilis
Browneopsis ucayalina
Bauhinia aureifolia
Amherstia nobilis
The golden leaf Bauhinia from southern Thailand
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